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Custom Software Development Company Based in New York

Use AI to automate your business processes, build new products, enhance existing tech

We're a software development company based in New York. With our strong focus on AI/ML, product development, a culture of rock-solid engineering, and over a decade of experience building complex enterprise systems, we are well-equipped to take your technology to the next level.

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Custom AI from scratch, integration of external AI tools, ready-made solutions developed by Flyaps.

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Custom product development

Turn your business requirements into custom software products delivered from start to finish.

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Team augmentation

We provide experienced Python, ML, React, and DevOps engineers to extend teams in fast-growing companies.

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Selected Work

What makes us stand out from other development shops is our expertise in AI, enterprise software development and telecom, coupled with our exceptional tech skills. Check out some of the projects we've built for clients in the US and around the world:

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CV Compiler Building an AI-based resume parsing app for polishing tech resumes

The product Flyaps helped build automatically analyzes tech resumes, highlighting mistakes and weak points and suggesting how to improve them, helping tech professionals make a CV meet the highest bar of leading companies such as Google and Amazon.

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CV Compiler Project
CV Compiler Project
Airbyte logo

Airbyte How our team of senior Python developers helped build a unicorn startup

Airbyte teamed up with Flyaps to create an open-source low-code data integration platform with automated quality control and a developer-friendly interface. Flyaps helped develop the solution from scratch, contributing to the product's successful launch and impressive growth.

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MediaVillage Rebuilding community experiences for better engagement

We teamed up with MyersBizNet – a NY-based influencer marketing company – to give MediaVillage, media and advertising community's leading platform, a makeover and help our client achieve better engagement with a more efficient and high-performing CMS.

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MediaVillage Project
Netspark Project
Netspark logo

NetSpark IP & Telecom Automating back-office operations in telecom consulting

Flyaps helped an authorized AT&T Solution Provider build a custom CRM/ERP platform with an automated tariff calculator to reduce manual work, improve team performance, and increase revenue.

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What we're best at as a top software development company in New York

We're here to help big companies level up for scalability and resilience, and to assist startups in crafting innovative digital products with impeccable user experiences.

  • SettingsSettings

    Crafting outstanding products of all scales

  • SolutionsSolutions

    Revamping outdated solutions

  • ToolsTools

    Building tools with AI and machine learning

  • CloudCloud

    Developing cloud-native applications

  • DesigningDesigning

    Using Python to build Big Data, AI, and cloud-based solutions

  • AutomatingAutomating

    Automating business processes

Build, improve, and scale your product with Flyaps

If you need to build a new custom product, upgrade your legacy system, or get a skilled development team to speed up your growth, Flyaps is the answer to your technology problems.

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Why our clients trust us

Check out what they say.

Sherif Nada photo

Sherif Nada

Founding Member & Engineering Lead
Micah Cooksey photo

Micah Cooksey

President/CEO, NetSpark IP & Telecom
Maryann Teller photo

Maryann Teller

Chief Administrative Officer, MyersBizNet, Inc.
Bob Adamany photo

Bob Adamany

Chief Product Officer, Yaana Technologies LLC

Prominent companies use Flyaps as their software engineering team

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Over the years and have helped numerous companies in telecom, media, human resources, and other industries automate their back-office and create exceptional products for millions of customers.


Fast delivery

We know exactly what to do, and so we deliver solutions in a fast and predictable manner.


Cost-efficient development

We bring down your project cost by using automation, working efficiently, and controlling the delivery.

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Work with a great team, motivated to do a great job

As a custom software development company based in NYC, we give you everything you need to enjoy working with us – control, predictability, cost-savings, and peace of mind.


Excellent communication

We make it a priority to keep our clients informed and involved throughout the development process.


Strong AI expertise

We invest in R&D projects to let our clients reduce the cost of AI with our pre-built machine learning models.

How do you want to engage with us?

You can either use us as a one-stop shop for your entire project or as your go-to remote team to work alongside your in-house crew.


Full-cycle product development

Full-cycle development is what we do best – from design to development to support and maintenance, we’ve got you covered.


Team augmentation

Need senior developers? We provide Python, ML, React, and DevOps engineers with the right experience to grow your team.

Let's build something exceptional

As a custom software development company based in NYC, we prioritize quality over expansion. Our close-knit team delivers exceptional results both in the New York market and globally. We treat our client's business as if it were our own, and pour our hearts and souls into every project.

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Have questions?

Where are you based in New York?

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The office of our custom software development company can be found in New York, USA, with the following address: 106 West 32nd Street #139, New York, NY 10001, United States.

Feel free to contact us via the following phone number: +1 646 647 5278.

What’s the typical project length when partnering with Flyaps?

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The project timeline really depends on what needs to be done. We're pretty quick at getting software projects done, especially when compared to other companies. Just to give you an idea, we wrapped up a recent telecommunications project in just 3 months. To get a better handle on how long your project might take, please share some project info, and we'll give you a more precise estimate.

How much does it cost to build custom software with Flyaps?

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Like project duration, the price of software development is closely tied to the scope of the work involved. When you team up with Flyaps, you can expect significant cost advantages compared to most firms based in New York. Just let us know what you're in need of, and we'll share our rates for software development services with you.

Can I keep track of how the project is going and what's being delivered?

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You'll be closely involved throughout the project. We set up a dedicated Slack channel for all our clients, and we grant you access to our project management board in Jira (or any other system you prefer). You can easily track the project's progress with full transparency. This includes the development backlog, sprint assignments, task priorities, and the time spent on each task.

Do you offer support and upkeep once the product is live?

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Certainly! We provide a 30-days of support free of charge to ensure the ongoing functionality of your software. Moreover, if you require ongoing assistance for extended projects, you might consider our Team Augmentation services . We can supply skilled Python and React software developers, and DevOps engineers on-demand to cater to your ongoing technology requirements.

What measures do you take to guarantee the safeguarding of my intellectual property?

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At our software development company, we prioritize the protection of your intellectual property through several key measures:

  1. Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs): We initiate the process by signing comprehensive NDAs with our clients. These legal agreements bind us to strict confidentiality, preventing any unauthorized disclosure or sharing of your sensitive information.
  2. Clear IP ownership in contracts: Our contracts are meticulously crafted to establish a robust framework for defining and safeguarding intellectual property ownership. This ensures that the rights to any code, designs, or innovations created during the project are clearly outlined and transferred to you.
  3. Secure data handling: We implement secure data handling practices and employ industry-standard security protocols to protect your intellectual property from unauthorized access or breaches.
  4. Limited access: Our team members are granted access to project-related information on a need-to-know basis. This limits exposure and reduces the risk of unintentional leaks.
  5. Regular audits and compliance: We conduct regular audits of our security practices to ensure compliance with industry standards and best practices. This proactive approach helps identify and address potential vulnerabilities.

How does your company ensure the security and privacy of data?

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As a bespoke software development company, we prioritize data security and privacy through a comprehensive approach that includes:

  1. Robust data encryption: We employ state-of-the-art encryption techniques to safeguard data during transmission and storage. This ensures that sensitive information remains confidential and secure.
  2. Compliance with regulations: Our practices adhere to relevant data protection regulations, such as GDPR or HIPAA, depending on the nature of the project and client requirements.
  3. Secure development practices: Our development team follows secure coding practices to minimize vulnerabilities and potential security risks within the software.
  4. Access controls: We implement strict access controls to ensure that only authorized team members have access to sensitive data. This includes multi-factor authentication and role-based access.
  5. Regular security audits: We conduct routine security audits and vulnerability assessments to proactively identify and address potential threats.
  6. Data backup and recovery: We maintain robust data backup and recovery procedures to ensure data availability in case of unexpected events.
  7. Confidentiality agreements: Our employees are bound by confidentiality agreements to uphold data privacy and security.
  8. Secure hosting: We choose secure hosting providers in the USA and cloud services that meet stringent security standards.
  9. Incident response plan: We have a well-defined incident response plan in place to swiftly address and mitigate any security incidents that may arise.

What should I do to start a project with Flyaps?

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Please shoot us an email outlining your project details, including your requirements, deadlines, and budget constraints. We'll swiftly respond within 2 business days to discuss the next steps. Following that, we'll schedule a call to delve into the specifics and provide you with an initial cost estimate, and then we'll proceed accordingly.