AI Solutions to Accelerate Your TTM

From GenAI to Object Detection: Build AI 3X faster with pre-built solutions tailored to your needs

Reduce your time-to-market, lower AI development expenses, and amplify business outcomes. Flyaps offers a suite of artificial intelligence solutions specifically designed to unlock new efficiencies and growth – three times faster than the usual AI product development cycle.

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Businesses that rely on our AI solutions

These companies benefit from our profound knowledge of artificial intelligence and experience building custom AI-powered solutions.

How it works

Adapting our custom AI solutions to your business is effortless. We guide you through every step of the process, addressing your specific use cases and solving your unique business challenges.

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Explore our customizable AI-based solutions

We currently offer 6 AI technology solutions for various industries and functions. They derive insights from publicly available data sources, employing sophisticated custom artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms and cutting-edge technologies. We can seamlessly integrate them into your systems and processes, reducing AI development time and cost.

Image-to-image transformation with generative AI

Provide users with a selection of creative filters that can give their images a unique touch. Our team of AI specialists collected data from multiple sources to develop a generative AI model capable of unveiling concealed patterns and connections in the data. We've trained this model to mimic particular creative methods, like pencil drawing, enabling it to generate a one-of-a-kind artistic look.


Efficient cargo handling and space utilization

Use AI to track the loading of cargo into trucks and optimize space in warehouses. By analyzing camera footage within a warehouse, our AI model can accurately determine the volume occupied by each box. We've designed our machine learning algorithm to handle cargo shapes that go beyond the standard boxes, taking into account unique and irregular forms.

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'Google Analytics' for brick-and-mortar

Enhance loyalty programs and inform in-store marketing by analyzing camera feeds, connecting faces to customer profiles. With our facial recognition technology, you can capture crucial data like visit times, duration, and purchase behavior. Our system empowers businesses, such as shops and gas stations, to gain insights into customer preferences and purchasing patterns.

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Car make and model detection from image

Accurately identify car make and model, determine the year of production, extract engine volume, recognize modifications, and assess usage state from images or camera feeds. Our object recognition model, trained on open-source car photos, processes images capturing diverse angles and viewpoints of both the car's exterior and interior.

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Art recommendation system for e-commerce

Enhance website user experience with personalized product recommendations. Our AI engine suggests art pieces resembling a given query image, engaging potential buyers and streamlining art sales. We can customize this system to generate curated lists of similar images from any input.

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AI-powered resume parser

Discern data from resumes in diverse formats including PDF files in minutes, offer tailored recommendations to users on how to improve their resumes, or speed up your recruitment process. Our AI-powered resume parser can be applied to different scenarios.


How Flyaps customers are using AI

As an AI solutions company, we've been partnering with different businesses on AI implementation. Read more in our case studies.

CV Compiler project

CV Compiler

Building an AI-Based Resume Parsing App for Polishing Tech Resumes

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Urbansim project


Predictive Models for Urban Planning, Property Prices, and Socioeconomic Projection

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Ask our AI solution experts

Have questions about our AI solutions? We've set up a direct line to our experts. If you're looking for an AI solutions provider, just drop us an email, and we'll get in touch with you shortly.

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Have questions?

What sets Flyaps apart from other AI solutions providers?

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Unlike most artificial intelligence solutions providers offering AI development services, Flyaps not only provides custom AI development but also pre-built AI solutions. These solutions can be adapted to your industry's specific needs, allowing you to accelerate AI development by three times compared to the standard cycle and at a significantly reduced cost.

Can I customize your pre-built AI solutions to my specific business needs?

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Absolutely! We'll configure our solutions to match your needs if they provide the value you're looking for.

What level of technical expertise is required to implement your AI solutions in my business?

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While our AI solutions are intentionally user-friendly, having an AI expert on your team is a must for adapting the solution to your specific needs. Alternatively, you can rely on our team to handle the customization process.

Will Flyaps' AI solutions be compatible with my existing software?

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Our AI solutions are crafted for seamless integration with various software and systems, but a technical audit of your IT environment would be necessary. This step ensures a smooth transition and compatibility with your internal software.

Can your solutions be scaled as my business grows?

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Absolutely! Our solutions are scalable, allowing you to start with a smaller implementation and expand as your business needs evolve.

What kind of support and maintenance is provided after the deployment of your AI solutions?

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Flyaps offers ongoing support and maintenance services to ensure the optimal performance of our AI solutions. This includes updates, troubleshooting, MLOps, assistance with any issues that may arise during operation, and enhancing the AI solutions to derive more benefits.

How do you ensure the security and privacy of data processed by your AI solutions?

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We prioritize the security and privacy of your data. Our AI solutions adhere to industry-standard security practices, and we implement measures to safeguard against unauthorized access, data breaches, and other security risks.

Do you offer AI development beyond the pre-built options mentioned on the page?

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Absolutely! Our team is adept at creating custom AI solutions tailored to your unique business requirements. We can discuss your specific needs and develop a bespoke solution to address them.

How can I learn more about Flyaps' AI solutions and their real-world applications?

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You can explore our case studies and check out some information on our blog. But the best way is to reach out to us directly. Simply drop us an email, and we'll get in touch with you shortly.