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Big Data Analytics

We can predict the future, anticipate change and nurture agility that boosts your business. With Flyaps you can create predictive models for your needs.

Descriptive Analytics

Examines historical data to answer questions

Predictive Analytics

Uses current and historical data to predict future activity

Diagnostic Analytics

Identifies patterns and discovers relationships in data

Prescriptive Analytics

Applies rules and modeling for better decision-making


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AI has started to shape and change our everyday life. In the business world globally, companies apply it to solve challenging issues. For example, some enterprises use artificial intelligence to provide audits by analyzing data.

In today’s world, many people delegate routine and time-consuming tasks to bots to increase productivity and save time for more meaningful work. AI systems automate business operations, quickly deliver customer support, capture useful information, and more. Artificial intelligence accelerates performance and helps eliminate manual handling of huge data flows. Now, let’s consider artificial intelligence is and how artificial intelligence has changed various industries.

AI in Telecom

Combatting Overload

With AI in place, your network will have the ability to react automatically to any type of heavy overload. The network can spot an overload and instantly produce a variety of online instances needed to deal with inbound traffic. It can funnel the extreme traffic.

Optimizing Service Quality by Predicting Future Network Usage

The AI innovation of machine learning can help you optimize a top quality solution. You can use machine learning formulas to forecast how the use of your network will differ throughout the different geographies it covers during a certain amount of time. You will attain much better network optimization results.

Performing Predictive Maintenance

Without artificial intelligence, you can’t preempt hardware-related network trouble. Artificial intelligence is now on your side, giving you the ability to identify signal interference - cell towers, powerlines, etc. - that may cause a network failure. Our expert system can take the toughness and integrity of your network to a whole new level.

Averting Malicious Actions

Artificial intelligence can reliably safeguard your network against destructive actions, such as DDoS assaults. With machine learning, your network can be taught to deal with multiple, concurrent requests, intelligently choosing whether to reject these requests flat-out or redirect them to a less-busy Information Center to be handled manually.

AI in HR and Recruitment

HR managers and recruiters apply AI to train their staff and analyze their performance. By permanently reviewing their data, artificial intelligence will make suggestions to refine productivity. Automation helps HR managers to be mentors and strategists, performing alongside hiring managers, helping to choose and retain the needed candidates.

Artificial intelligence helps to simplify time-consuming scheduling, automatically booking work meetings or interviews. For example, there is a free AI-driven assistant Amy Ingram. This assistant will provide you with updates, fix problems and schedule meetings. It also eliminates unwanted email correspondence.

AI helps improve case management and HR compliance. Case management software captures the staff resources and data according to their questions. AI can submit research and document incidents to decrease risk and make them less time-consuming. Within seconds it finds salary data to help financial departments set relevant strategies.

AI systems can improve onboarding as well. AI coach will help new team member to absorb new material and answer the repeated questions. It will help to explore the company's culture. The new hires will receive the recommendations according to their needs. By automating the onboarding process, you promote employees’ engagement and increase efficiency, and get more accurate information.

AI systems can improve onboarding as well. AI coaches help new team members absorb new material and answer frequently-asked questions. It will help explore your company’s culture. New hires will receive recommendations according to their needs. By automating the onboarding process, you promote employees’ engagement, increase efficiency, and get more accurate information.

Artificial intelligence helps on-the-job study, spending less time and money on training, reducing the learning curve, and giving immediate adaptation. Even employees working remotely get the same onboarding experience as others. AI supports employees who need additional instructions. It recognizes problem areas and prepares necessary plans. HR can use productivity measuring to identify manager efficiency.

Artificial intelligence may even predict turnover, recognizing an employee’s level of engagement. You can re-engage them, understand their interest level, update their profiles, etc., AI-helper is accessible all the time and will accelerate the process.

As you can see, AI has acquired many new roles for increasing efficiency, reducing time and costs for many businesses. Nowadays, it is a valuable tool to solve existing challenges and innovate.

AI in Public Safety and Cybersecurity

With the advancement of artificial intelligence, we need to take into account AI safety issues. Scientists have to make sure that these tech advancements fit our ethics and values. Moreover, AI artificial intelligence has to serve people beyond reaching valuable goals and overcoming technical challenges.

In order to facilitate public safety and cybersecurity, experts need to provide open scientific communication and create transparent systems. AI systems could influence international economies and policies. That’s why AI teams need to discuss these complex questions with the community.

AI in Banking

Banks are implementing customer chat boxes powered by AI and NLP, responsible for recent and specific information. One example of banking artificial intelligence is Santander that uses voice technology.

Royal Bank of Scotland uses artificial intelligence as well to fulfill customers’ needs. If an AI assistant can’t deal with the question, it sends it to a human employee. This is a huge opportunity to speed up customer interactions. An AI-driven assistant named Nina can perform 30 000 interactions per month.

There are many useful AI tools in the financial industry nowadays, such as Google’s Tensorflow. It allows making a prediction, dealing with a significant amount of information for a data-driven decision. Banks apply such technology as well to prevent cheating and eliminate possible risks. Moreover, artificial intelligence, together with machine learning creates innovative services to engage millennials and fulfill their needs.

AI in Healthcare

To make the healthcare treatment easier and more accessible for everyone, the scientists are creating smart artificial intelligence systems for a remote and advanced cure.

According to recent research, over 6 billion dollars will be investing in AI each year to refine healthcare. Artificial intelligence will perform diagnostics with the ability to remember a huge amount of data and analyze it. For instance, the oncologists apply Watson with AI-driven technology to sum up the facts from the electronic health record and recognize areas for improvement. Then, the physicians match the patient with the needed treatment.

AI systems allow the patients to gain feedback, support, and stay healthy. The scientists are creating new ways to apply AI and machine learning to assign chemotherapy medications. Artificial intelligence can suggest additional drugs based on the data like interacting genes.

AI in Retail and E-commerce

Partner and vice president at GoKart Labs Matt Johnson thinks that the potential for AI is huge to refine e-commerce and the retail sector. The most popular implementation is chatbots.

Many companies are already using this technology. For instance, Microsoft developed Bot Framework to help programmers make bots for their apps. It helps to accelerate the interaction between e-commerce and chatbots.

Customers prefer to get information while they’re shopping. Chatbots speedily provide product information and answer FAQs.

A chatbot is not only engaging with the ability to improve customer’s experience, it can significantly decrease the shopping time. When customer support managers are freed up, you get higher ROI and reduced costs.

Chatbots as well as apps become a helpful marketing tool supporting your client’s experience. Experts believe that if commerce companies don’t apply chatbots, the customers will move elsewhere. Brands also create robots with answer decision trees that smooth out products-and-services pipelines.



HR and Recruitment

Cyber Security



Public Safety




AI has also made its way to the telecom business. Innovative telecom operators use AI across a wide array of industries. Modern telecom operators take advantage of machine learning and AI technologies to improve customer satisfaction and retention, increase network reliability, and optimize their business processes for higher profit.

AI Service Offerings for Telecom Industry

Artificial Intelligent Bots icon

Artificial Intelligent Bots

Ambient Intelligent Devices icon

Ambient Intelligent Devices

smart-glasses icon

Smart Objects & Internet of Things (IoT)

headphone icon

Automated Support & Intelligent Storage

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Insight Engines, Virtual Assistance and Data processing

web icon

Writing, Digital Marketing, Graphic Design, Web Development

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Invoice automation

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Mailroom Outsourcing, Document Management, Forms Management

Contrary to popular belief, rather than replacing people in the workplace, AI could support HR by freeing up time to be human. In the era of constant changes and digitalization, finding the right talent is a real challenge for HR specialists and recruiters.

AI Based Services for HR and Recruitment

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Revolutionary Recruitment Platforms.

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Automation of Application Analysis.

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Applicant Tracking Systems, Outreaching and Targeted Candidates.

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Self-Assessment Tools for Personalised Growth.

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Artificial Intelligence defined Hiring Process.

Forecasting icon

Employees and Recruitment Forecasting.

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Improved Candidate Experience.

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Skill Matching Recruitment.

AI is redrawing the cyber security landscape by analyzing massive quantities of risk data, cutting down response times, and augmenting under-resourced security operations.

Cyber Security Analytics Based Services

Digital Risk icon

Digital Risk Management

Spam Prevention icon

Spam Prevention and Phishing Blocking

Cloud Access icon

Cloud Access Security Brokers

Identity icon

Identity and Access Management

End Point Detection icon

End Point Detection and Response

Security Operations icon

Security Operations and Analytics

Statistical Methodology icon

Statistical Methodology

Malware Detection icon

Malware Detection

AI can do a lot for the healthcare industry: minimizing tests and procedures to cut costs and improve the quality of care while taking the most from resources, accelerating diagnoses and improving access. In the modern healthcare climate, adding more value while improving patient outcomes and access is not only a goal but also an imperative for the survival of health systems in the emerging value-based, integrated-care environment.

Real Time Healthcare Services

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Brings Intelligence to medical devices.

prototype icon

Create Clinical Decision Support Tools.

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Creates Smart Wearable Devices.

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Identify risks of antibiotics resistance, Drug doses, Infection patterns.

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Health Analytics using Images, using cameras(selfies) as diagnosing tools.

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Implement Advanced Radiotherapies, Physiotherapies.

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Turn Electronic Health Records into Risk Predictors.

Thanks to cloud computing and software-defined infrastructure, IT infrastructure has become flexible, abstract, and on-demand. But still, infrastructure isn’t intelligent. It depends on human intervention to understand the relationships between components and data trends and to act accordingly.

Artificial Intelligence Services for Infrastructure Systems

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The demand for greater resources

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The necessity for AI insecurity

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Intelligent Monitoring

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Monitoring & Engagement Ecosystem.

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Automated Support & Intelligent Storage

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System of Record & Automation.

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AI-defined Infrastructure Management

database icon

Data Lake, Artificial Intelligence, Time Series Database and Analysis

AI is a powerful ally in public safety, preventing and detecting crimes. It plays an integral role in government security by augmenting police forces and enhancing situational awareness capabilities.

Real-Time Public Safety Services

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Acceralate response time of emergency vehicles

activity icon

By creating a Smarter approach for public health.

android icon

Robotic Bomb Detection and Deactivation & >Drone-based Surveillance

credit-card icon

Detecting White Collar Crimes like Credit-Card fraud, Cyber-Crimes (spamming, phishing, Money Laundering etc).

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Smart AI monitors for Social Media scanning.

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Implement Robo-guards at banks, ATMs, schools, streets, hospitals and other public areas.

hard-drive icon

Develop AI-sensor vehicles to prevent accidents.

bull-horn icon

Emergency Assistance Posts in campus, parks, railway stations, visiting places etc.

AI-powered app solutions have been implemented across a wide range of areas within financial institutions including but not limited to risk and finance reporting, trading floors, credit risk management, customer relationships and of course, security.

Artificial Intelligence Based Services for Real-Time Banking

smile icon

Improved Customer Retention

screen-flow icon

Digital Personal Assistants and Chatbots

money-stack icon

Customised Investment

phone-holding icon

Wealth Management & Fund Management

credit-card icon

Card Management Systems

line-chart icon

Life Time Value Prediction

database icon

Manage Customer Data & Personalised Marketing

server-stack icon

Transaction Data Enrichment & Customer Segmentation

Insurance is an industry notoriously full of data, but using AI technologies can improve its strategic processes. Thousands of claims and customer queries and large amounts of diverse data make the insurance industry a natural application for AI-powered app solutions and machine learning technologies.

AI Services for Insurance Sector

share icon

Online and Economy Sharing

usability icon

Rent Protection and Smart Homes

lego-serious-play icon

Niche Wellness Services

lan icon

Threat Intelligence and Automation

window-delete icon

Early Warning Systems

smart-watch-time icon

Real-Time Estimation, Fraud Reduction and Improved Security

phone-holding-double icon

Customer Engagement and Social Media Platforms

lan-connection icon

Remote Claim Settlement and High Quality Evidence

Artificial intelligence is changing the way retailers approach assortment planning, personalization, voice ordering and customer support. AI is being applied in new multiple ways in retail across the entire product and service cycle - from assembly to post-sale customer service interactions.

Analytics Based Services

repository icon

Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery of Software Development and deployment.

server-stack icon

Integrate supplier and product data from multiple sources to provide business users with a complete view of the customer

align-bottom icon

Tailor analytics to specific supply chain functions, including supplier management and sourcing.

git-pull icon

Infrastructure Automation using Ansible ,Terraform,Puppet and Chef.

user icon

Provides comprehensive user self-service capabilities to reduce the burden on IT resources.

smart-watch-time icon

Real Time Analytics Platform Deployment ON-Premises as well as Public Cloud.

information-architecture icon

Algorithms and Model Management by Creating hub On-Premises, Version Management, Logging Management.

line-chart icon

Customised Data Visualisation with Business Intelligence.

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Error Reduction

Error Reduction

AI could have a low error rate compared to humans, if coded properly. It would have incredible precision, accuracy, and speed.



Emotions can cloud judgment and affect human efficiency. This is not the case for machine intelligence.



AI cannot be distracted at all. Robots think logically and make the right program decisions.

Reduce Cost

Reduce Cost

Operating costs are expenses related to the core operations of your company.

24/7 Availability

24/7 Availability

AI doesn't get bored or tired. It needs no rest, sleep, coffee breaks, or entertainment.



Artificial intelligence relieves humans from repetitive, tedious tasks and laborious work.

AI Artificial Intelligence Benefits

Error Reduction

AI could have a low error rate compared to humans, if coded properly. It would have incredible precision, accuracy, and speed.


Emotions can cloud judgment and affect human efficiency. This is not the case for machine intelligence.


AI cannot be distracted at all. Robots think logically and make the right program decisions.

Reduce Cost

Operating costs are expenses related to the core operations of your company.

Depending on your type of business, software powered by artificial intelligence can partially or even fully replace certain employees.

24/7 Availability

AI doesn't get bored or tired. It needs no rest, sleep, coffee breaks, or entertainment.


Artificial intelligence relieves humans from repetitive, tedious tasks and laborious work.

How we create AI (Artificial Intelligence) Solutions

Flyaps methodology drives a strategic process that helps organizations identify and design a roadmap that leverages AI products to drive significant impact on their business.


Assess your existing capabilities and define your future goals to make recommendations for tools, innovations, and architecture. The first step is to develop an understanding with your team around AI. Together, we’ll work out a vision for particular opportunities within your market.

Proof of Concept

Create a small-scale system, proving the practicality of the artificial intelligence design for your problem.


Put the artificial intelligence system into development, taking into account costs and timelines.


Enhance previously built designs, continuously increase the quality of understandings, and stay on top of the altering environment. We collaborate to specify needs, verify information, and deploy appropriate and impactful AI products.

Usability of Artificial Intelligence Applications

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