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How We Automated Business Processes for Faster Project Delivery and Reduced Operational Costs

NetSpark Project

Project highlights

  1. Automated back-office operations in telecom consulting
  2. Applied robotic process automation to eliminate manual calculations
  3. Launched the first version of the system in just three months
  4. Helped the client achieve smoother project implementation, improved team performance, increased revenue
  5. Ongoing client engagement
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A tangible impact on business

Working closely with business experts on the client's side, we were able to launch the first version of the system in just three months. When the system went live, the company’s managers tested it and provided feedback on how it can be improved.

As a result, NetSpark received a CRM/ERP system that allowed them to reduce manual work, improve team performance, and increase revenue.


Faster project delivery

By automating core business processes and complex calculations, our client was able to cut the time it took to implement projects in half, which led to an increase in the number of clients and higher revenue.


Increased transparency

With a centralized system, various users can access information instantly, while the CEO and heads of departments can track company activities and keep tabs on projects assigned to specific managers. This has led to smoother project implementation, improved user experience, and greater customer satisfaction.


Higher revenue

Our solution allowed NetSpark to implement projects with less manual work, resulting in lower expenses. The automation features also helped improve the quality of their services by reducing the possibility of human error and increasing productivity.

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Micah Cooksey

President/CEO, NetSpark IP & Telecom
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What’s next?

After using the system for more than a three years and a half, NetSpark IP & Telecom are now looking to improve the solution further. Together with our client, we’re planning to include new dashboards, graphs, and features to cover new types of customer relationships and new user roles with varying access rights.

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