Building a Unicorn – How We Helped Develop a Top Open Source Data Integration Platform with 300+ Connectors

Low-code platform
Airbyte Project

Project highlights

  1. Developed a low-code ELT platform with more than 300 out–of–the–box connectors
  2. Made it possible for developers to build their custom connectors within 30 minutes using CDK (Connector Development Kit)
  3. Established quality control measures to ensure a reliable and extensible catalog of connectors on the platform
  4. Airbyte raised $181 million in funding in 2021 and reached a valuation of $1.5 billion in two years, becoming a unicorn start-up
  5. 18 months client engagement
data report



Leading ELT platform

Airbyte exceeded everyone's expectations and became a global data integration platform with broad possibilities and 300+ pre-built connectors.


Active data community

The platform is loved by users for its intuitive interface, reliable connectors, and opportunities Airbyte provides for data analysis.


Unicorn start-up

In just under two years, Airbyte has progressed to a $1.5 billion valuation and $181.2 million in funding.

Sherif Nada photo

Sherif Nada

Founding Member & Engineering Lead

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