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The Python Web Development Company

Why you should choose Python:

  • The most versatile programming language

    allows meeting your most demanding needs and requirements
  • Used by Google, Netflix and Buzzfeed

    extremely reliable and thoroughly tested by top players on the market
  • Rapid prototyping and iterations

    makes development cost-effective and brings flexibility to your product roadmap

Custom Content Management System for Online Media

Сustom CMS is the best choice for hi-tech media companies with big ambitions:

  • Customizability

    customizability means top performance and functionality according to your requirements
  • Intuitive and uncluttered interface

    unlike with existing CMS solutions, you’ll get an intuitive and uncluttered interface
  • Perfectly optimized

    your system will be perfectly optimized for search engines and social sharing

Human-centered Design and Responsive Web Interfaces

With us, your solution will also sport the design of the highest quality, which means:

  • A thought-through user experience

    a thought-through user experience based on the needs and expectation of your audience
  • Intuitive admin panel

    an intuitive admin panel for your content managers, moderators and administrators
  • Mobile-friendly UI

    an extremely mobile-friendly user interface from the very first version

Top Ukrainian App Developers

Get More For Less With Ukrainian Developers

  • Hackerrank states Ukrainian developers are the best when it comes to ensuring the security of your software. We also take 11th place among all countries in the world by the quality of web development services, but our prices are lower than in the US and the EU.


B2B Thought Leadership, Analysis & Community

MediaVillage is a sophisticated web content and community platform helping businesses in advertising, entertainment, marketing and media industries to promote their brands with original market content.

Business Analysis UX/UI design Responsive Makeup Python Django QA Project management
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Charlotte Lipman photo

Charlotte Lipman

Director, Client Services https://www.mediavillage.com

I realize we could do this from ****** Analytics but your dashboard is a MUCH nicer way of looking at things!

Contexxt Ltd

London, UK Product Strategy & Digital Conslulting http://contexxt.com

Contexxt Ltd is a company that designs and builds intelligent content solutions. Contexxt's solutions optimise the creation, display and amplification of content through a variety of proprietary technologies.


Dubai, UAE Telecom http://www.neustring.com

NeuString is a blling software and consulting company dedicated to delivering Predictive Analytics Software and Consulting Services to Mobile Network Operators.

Peter True photo

Peter True

CEO at 1dataplan http://1dataplan.com

Sent my first big file through the system. 10.000+ CDR records in one file, 721kb in size. Worked perfectly and without any problems. Very fast too. Very nice coding... (y)


To achieve the highest quality of your software solution in the most cost-effective way, we use the next cutting-edge tools and technologies:

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