CV Compiler

Machine Learning-Based Resume Parsing App: Building a Solution That Polishes Tech Resumes

Machine Learning
API-first product
Resume parsing
CV Compiler Project

Project highlights

  1. Built a CV analyzer that automatically evaluates tech resumes and provides recommendations for improvements
  2. Implemented our own Machine Learning model to enhance accuracy and reduce resume parsing time
  3. Created a flexible low-code tool with features that can be added and adjusted by business customers
  4. Developed our own API to offer a resume-parsing solution to other businesses
  5. Ongoing engagement
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Powered by NLP and machine learning

Leveraging the capabilities of NLP and ML, CV Compiler can parse resumes and offer personalized, data-driven enhancements in less than a second.


Low-code platform

The solution is designed to be changeable and perfectly fit custom needs – with templates and intuitive design it’s easy to adjust CV parsing as needed.


API-first product

Highly customizable and effective, CV Compiler API is used by global companies like Indeed to enhance their existing solutions.

Andrew Stetsenko photo

Andrew Stetsenko

Founder of CV Compiler

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