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Building a Custom Financial Clearing Hub to Automate Invoice Generation and Billing in Roaming Telecom

FC HUB Project

Project highlights

  1. Built a custom tool to automate FCS for telcos like MTN Group
  2. Shrunk invoice generation from a week to an hour
  3. Improved the productivity of the Operations team
  4. Automated complex client billing processes
  5. Designed an intuitive user-centered interface
  6. Achieved seamless integration with an existing ecosystem
  7. 1 year 9 months client engagement
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Faster business processes

The tool we built excluded the need to manually analyze 600+ files each month. By automatically generating invoices, all the operations that required a week and a team of five people can be done in an hour.


Streamlined workflow

With intuitive dashboards and responsive design, FC hub transformed the process of working with invoices. Designed to cover all users needs, the platform enables the completion of complex actions in one click.


Possibilities for future growth

An irreplaceable tool for managing financial operations with telecom hubs, the solution is designed to fit the future. As Nextgen's client base increases, they can easily scale and expand the system.

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