Flyaps stands
with Ukraine

Flyaps is a Ukrainian software development company with an office in Dnipro, central Ukraine. We strongly condemn Russia's military action against our country. We wholeheartedly stand with our free and democratic Ukraine.

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Russia brought a catastrophic
loss of life and human suffering

Since February 24, 2022, thousands of Ukrainians have been killed and millions have fled their homes as the brutal Russian invasion continues.

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Russia is a clear danger to all democracies and peace-loving countries in the world. The horrific events they brought to Ukraine can't be justified. We all need to help stop this tragedy and prevent war from happening everywhere else in the world.

LogoWhat we're doing at Flyaps

Our team at Flyaps does everything possible to help our colleagues and their families. We've been moving people away from the war zones, looking for safe accommodations for our teammates and their families in western Ukraine and abroad, and volunteering to help Ukraine with what we can: buying medicine and food, donating blood, sending funds to support Ukrainian military, and fighting on the cyber front together with IT Army of Ukraine.

We have long lived with the threat of attack. But the invasion was still a huge shock for us. Despite the last few days being a real nightmare, today everyone on our team is safe. We continue undisrupted service.

Pandemic has made our company much more resilient to disruptions. As a business, we are ready for any situation, even war. We got back to our projects and keep doing our best working remotely from our new locations. But our main objective is to make sure our people and their families are safe. We are constantly in contact with our teammates, providing them with everything they need and keeping a close eye on the situation.

Our team is our priority and we will keep ensuring their safety.

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