Connected Platform

Unifying Nextgen Clearing's Telecom Solutions for Seamless Operations and Future Expansion

Cloud migration
Application modernization
Connected Platform Project

Project highlights

  1. Connected all internal products into a unified system
  2. Connected all internal products into a unified system
  3. Migrated to the cloud to switch from Oracle's APEX
  4. Redesigned outdated tools, unifying design across all solutions
  5. Enabled single sign-on to all Nextgen's apps
  6. Made it possible to evolve the portal into a telecom app store and a white-label product
  7. Ongoing client engagement
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Automated client engagement

Connected Platform greatly reduced the time spent on client engagement, serving as a versatile platform to manage clients, provide access to Nextgen tools and generate invoices. 


Fast time to market

The system we built significantly accelerated the development process. We already delivered several products using this platform: FC Hub, NGA, and IoT portal.


Streamlined business processes

Through seamless data flow, single sign-on, and unified design among all Nextgen applications, we simplified switching between systems, creating a more streamlined experience. 

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Ruben Iversen

CTO Nextgen Clearing

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