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Work with Flyaps top DevOps engineers – for 10+ years we’ve been deploying, automating, optimizing, and streamlining development processes for tech startups and big enterprises. Proficient in CI/CD practices, cloud-based infrastructures, and DevOps tools, we can transform your development processes into a seamless pipeline. Fill the gap in your team and make it more efficient.

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Not freelancers, but senior team members

Flyaps is a close-knit team of exceptionally talented and skilled engineers who know how to upgrade your pipeline into an automated process with fast deployments and higher-quality products.


Advanced toolset

Our DevOps engineers are senior specialists with deep expertise in numerous DevOps tools from CI/CD (Jenkins, GitHub Actions, GitLab CI/CD) to code security (SonarQube, Veracode, Clair).


Cloud expertise

Experts in cloud technologies, we know how to ensure the reliability, scalability, and cost-effectiveness of your infrastructure, enabling near-instantaneous deployments.


Team-first mindset

Proactive and always accessible, our DevOps engineers work in close collaboration with the client’s team, synching development processes and improving the speed of delivery.

We excel at DevOps practices

All Flyaps engineers are senior specialists, experienced in each stage of the DevOps pipeline, from designing and implementing infrastructure to deploying and maintaining software applications in production environments.


Infrastructure orchestration

Our DevOps engineers know how to transform development into one robust process, streamlining the entire pipeline.


Automation skills

With deep expertise in CI/CD and automation tools, we eliminate repetitive manual tasks, greatly boosting the time to market.



Using Docker and Kubernetes we easily package and deploy software in a flexible and fast manner.


Security measures

From highly secure code to encryption, authentication, and access control we assure the full safety of your infrastructure.


Version control

Our engineers manage and track changes to the codebase reducing the costs of communication overhead and management.


Technical support

DevOps isn’t limited to the development environment: we monitor your product in the production environment, track performance and fix any issues.

Why our clients trust us

Check out what they say.

Micah Cooksey photo

Micah Cooksey

President/CEO, NetSpark IP & Telecom
Peter True photo

Peter True

CEO, 1dataplan
Bob Adamany photo

Bob Adamany

Chief Product Officer, Yaana Technologies LLC
Andrew Stetsenko photo

Andrew Stetsenko

Founder, Relocate.me

Our DevOps toolchain

With expertise in tried-and-tested technologies, we take advantage of numerous DevOps tools and choose the toolset tailored to the needs of your project.

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Start easily, scale effortlessly

Want to hire DevOps engineers without any hurdles? Couldn’t be any different with Flyaps – talk with our CTO, interview the most suitable candidates, and start working right away.

  • 1

    Share requirements with our CTO

    Share your goals and needs with our CTO – depending on your project nuances, we’ll find experts with the most relevant expertise.
  • 2

    Interview selected engineers

    Talk directly with our top engineers to evaluate their expertise and choose those who align with your vision the most.
  • 3

    Kick-start your project

    Right after the interview stage is done, our DevOps engineers are ready to start working – no management circles, no waiting period.
  • 4

    Ramp your team up or down

    As your project progresses, easily change the size of your team – scale it up for the peak period or ramp it down when it’s not needed.

How we're different

Flyaps engineers aren’t freelancers or typical workers at outstaffing companies – we care about every project we are in and put all our effort into delivering the best results possible. We believe that great products change the world for the better – and that’s what we do.

Freelance developers
Traditional outstaffing companies
Senior DevOps developers
Specific expertise in cloud technologies
Hands-on experience with various tools
Full-time accessibility
Product mindset
Direct access to your DevOps engineers
Easily scale your team up or down

Hire DevOps engineers at Flyaps

Fuel your team with senior DevOps engineers and streamline your development processes.

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