Smart Plugin for IT Recruitment: How We Built an AI-based Resume Screening Chrome Extension

Browser extension
Machine Learning
GlossaryTech Project

Project highlights

  1. Built an AI-based Chrome extension that analyzes resumes and provides definitions of IT terms
  2. Implemented a natural language processing algorithm to correctly extract critical data
  3. Created our own tokenizer to speed up the analysis and enhance the accuracy
  4. Improved the client’s recruitment process and created a high-demand tool for indirect marketing
  5. Ongoing engagement
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Extension featured by Google

GlossaryTech became a plugin with a “Featured” badge and more than 25,000 downloads and 6,800 active monthly users.


Used by world-leading companies

The plugin is used by recruiters in global companies such as Amazon, Disney, Tesla, and Cisco.


The ultimate tool to optimize the hiring process

With an IT glossary and term categorization, the plugin significantly accelerates candidate sourcing, saving recruiters valuable time.

Andrew Stetsenko photo

Andrew Stetsenko

Founder of GlossaryTech

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