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How We Replaced a Desktop Legacy Solution with a Cloud-Based BI System for Improved Roaming Analytics

Yaana Technologies Project

Project highlights

  1. Built a BI system for roaming analytics for the world’s leading telecom enterprises
  2. Replaced a desktop system with a web cloud-based solution
  3. Improved forecasting, budget planning, and calculation algorithms
  4. Designed intuitive dashboards, transforming decision-making
  5. Launched the first version of the system in just 4 months
  6. 3,5 years client engagement
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Global recognition

The new system allowed Yaana Technologies to gain a key position in the market, expanding their client base with the world’s leading telecom enterprises.


Legacy replacement

The desktop solution was fully replaced with a scalable web cloud-based system, by migrating all the existing features and preserving ongoing processes.


Unique functionality

The BI system we built doesn’t have competitors in the market, offering advanced market analysis, agreement insights and improved decision-making. 

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Bob Adamany

Chief Product Officer Yaana Technologies

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