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How We Built a Multifunctional IoT Portal in Just 3 Months to Streamline M2M Telecom B2B Processes

British Telecom Project

Project highlights

  1. Developed a custom IoT portal for the world’s leading telecom enterprise
  2. Created a possibility for the product’s redistribution by making it a white-label solution
  3. Built four major modules to cover the whole cycle of business operations in M2M telecom
  4. Applied complex algorithms to eliminate manual calculations
  5. Launched the first version of the system in just three months
  6. 10 months client engagement
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Faster processes

Unifying all the functionality into one system, we built a platform that streamlines all the business processes from client registration to invoicing, greatly reducing the time spent on manual operations. 


Improved decision-making

By using sophisticated algorithms and user-friendly dashboards, we simplified the data analysis process and enabled data-driven decision-making with real-time updates.


Higher revenue

Both a custom tool and a white-label product, the solution we developed opened a new stream of revenue for BT Group, serving as a multifunctional platform for numerous IoT enterprises.

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What’s next?

After testing all the modules, the product was called unbreakable – we put all our effort into making it fast and resilient to any breaches. Now that we’ve built the right architecture and key functionality, the company is working on the second release, adding more complex variations for rate plans.

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