The Dangers of Asking Artificial Intelligence to Evaluate a Job Candidate’s Interview

An increasing number of companies use artificial intelligence to evaluate the personality of job candidates during interviews - often without candidates' knowledgeArtificial intelligence is ubiquitous in corporate recruiting, including Applicant Tracking System (ATS) software that scans resumes for relevant keywords, algorithms that identify and connect with passive candidates on social…

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How One Doctor Does - and Doesn’t - Use AI (Artificial Intelligence) in His Practice

Doctors have to weigh the limitations of artificial intelligence when considering its use in diagnosing patientsArtificial intelligence, big data, and natural-language processing hold great promise—including transforming clinicians from data-entry clerks to compassionate listeners who assess complex interactions with patients, empowered by algorithms from electronic health record data. The potential…

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Stand with Ukraine

Flyaps Stands With Ukraine

Read our statement on the war in Ukraine.

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